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De-escalation and dialogue: India’s policy towards Israel, Palestine


As the oldest conflict in West Asia rages again, over the last few days social media enthusiasts in India have enthusiastically thrown themselves on either side of the conflict.

But if we put the trends and counter-trends aside – what is India’s official stance?

Historically, India has supported the Palestinian cause but today, India views the conflict as an internal matter of Israel and Palestine. New Delhi follows what is called a “de-hyphenation policy”. It maintains an independent relationship with Israel and an independent relationship with Palestine – both are separate and both stand on their own merit.

This stance reflects in India’s latest statement at the UNSC. New Delhi has called upon both sides to de-escalate and resume direct dialogue. It has expressed “strong support” for the just Palestinian cause and opposed Hamas rocket fire against Israel while underlining an “unwavering commitment” to the two-state solution.

Interestingly, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has not included India in the list of 25 countries that he has thanked for standing by Israel’s side in its hour of crisis.

“They say when the Janta Party forms a government, it won’t support Arabs but Israel. We have made our stance clear, to remove any doubts

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