BRICS member nations keen on multilateral social security framework

By Jagran josh

The first BRICS Employment Working Group (EWG) meeting was held virtually on May 11 and 12, 2021. The meeting was chaired by the Labour Secretary of India, Apurva Chandra. India has assumed the BRICS Presidency in 2021.

The prime agenda for discussions during the meeting was the formalization of the labour markets, promoting social security agreements amongst BRICS nations, Gig and Platform workers’ role in the labour market and the women’s participation in the labour force.

In the meeting, apart from the representatives of the member nations Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the representatives of the International Social Security Agency and the International Labour Organisation also gave valuable suggestions on the agenda issues.

BRICS nations on ‘multilateral social security framework’
The representatives of the BRICS nations, during the meeting, expressed willingness to have a multilateral social security framework for safeguarding the rights of the workers.

The Social Security Agreement will facilitate the international workers to port their benefits to their home countries thereby preventing the loss of their hard-earned money.

Further, the workers will be exempted from contributing (social security schemes) both in the home as well as in the host countries.

The multilateral Social Security framework will help the workers in avoiding the double contributions in a cluster of such nations.

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