Balanced approach: India supports Just Palestine cause; condemns rocket attacks into Israel

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India has adopted a balanced approach on the current Israeli-Palestine conflict that has pushed the volatile region into yet another cycle of violence. While calling for a two-state solution to the crisis and announcin strong support to the ‘just Palestinian cause’, India has condemned firing of rockets into Israel and described Israeli actions as retaliatory.

India desires that the Palestine Authority play an active role in the current episode and that both sides begin immediate dialogue to prevent escalation between Israel and Palestinians, sources familiar with the matter told ET.

India has supported the diplomatic efforts of the Quartet and other members of the international community, the countries in the region in particular, to calm the situation and put an end to the ongoing violence and seek to achieve durable peace. New Delhi also desires that the historic status-quo at the holy places of Jerusalem, including the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount to be respected, sources said.

India’s position was amplified in the statement issued by UN PR in New York TS Tirumurti. “…incidents have once again underscored the need for immediate resumption of dialogue between Israel and Palestinian authorities. The absence of direct and meaningful negotiations between the parties is widening the trust deficit between the parties.

This will only increase the chances for similar escalation in future. We believe that every effort should be made to create conducive conditions for resumption of talks between Israel and Palestine,” Tirumurti said during UNSC VTV Open Debate on ‘the situation in the Middle East’ Sunday night India time.

“The indiscriminate rocket firings from Gaza targeting the civilian population in Israel, which we condemn, and the retaliatory strikes into Gaza, have caused immense suffering and resulted in deaths.

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