At UNSC, India condemns rocket attack that killed Indian nurse

By India TV News

While mourning the death of an Indian nurse in Israel, India’s Permanent Representative T. S. Tirumurti on Sunday condemned the rocket attacks from Gaza that killed her. Speaking at a rare Security Council meeting held on a Sunday, he, however, also reiterated India’s support for the Palestinian cause and condemned the retaliatory attacks by Israel.

Soumya Santosh, who is from Kerala, was killed in Ashkelon inside Israel by the rocket launched reportedly by the Iran-backed Hamas organisation from Gaza last week. She was working as a caregiver for the elderly.

The Council met in a virtual session as the situation in the Israel-Palestine-Gaza region spiralled into a violent crisis, with reports that before the session, Israeli airstrikes had killed at least 40 people, some of them children. At least four people were killed in Israel as some Hamas rockets pierced Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defence system.

Referring to Santosh, Tirumurti said: “India has also lost one of her nationals living in Israel in this rocket fire — a caregiver in Ashkelon. We deeply mourn her demise along with all other civilians who have lost their lives in the current cycle of violence.”

“The indiscriminate rocket firings from Gaza targeting the civilian population in Israel, which we condemn, and the retaliatory strikes into Gaza, have caused immense suffering, and resulted in deaths,” he said.

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