Army asks industry to design, develop portable helipads for its operational requirements

By Tribune India

The Indian Army is asking the private industry to design and develop a portable helipad that can meet its field requirements across a vast spectrum of operations in diverse geographical and climatic conditions.

A portable helipad is a makeshift structure comprising sub-units that can be easily transported, assembled and disassembled to provide a temporary place for helicopters to land and take-off. They are cost-effective and can be used in places that do not require the construction of a permanent helipad or when time is a critical factor. Besides military operations, portable helicopters have immense scope for deployment during disaster relief operations and also for internal security duties.

In the Army’s scheme of things, heliborne operations is a critical dimension for success by ensuring surprise, rapid troop deployment, offensive air support, airborne surveillance, tactical flexibility and logistic support.

The construction of helipads in an operationally constrained time frame in the desert, semi-desert, mountainous and coastal areas, therefore, becomes an important task for the Army’s combat engineers.

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