What Indian Armed Forces Must Do To Avoid ‘Limping’ Into War

By The Quint

The Indian Armed Forces operationalised, on 1 April 2021, the third Joint Logistics Node (JLN) at Mumbai (other two being at Guwahati and Port Blair), even as work continues to establish Tri-Service Commands, and Air Defence and Maritime Commands.

The Defence Ministry, noting that future wars will be fought by integrated Services, added that the successful functioning of the three JLNs, which “will provide integrated logistics cover to the armed forces for small arms ammunition, rations, fuel, general stores, civil hired transport, aviation clothing, spares and also engineering support”, are an “important stepping stone” for opening more such nodes in India.

Integrated joint logistics can facilitate large savings in manpower, establishment costs, and item costs through economies of scale. And when underpinned by a responsive economy, allow a nation flexibility in decision-making and deterrence options.

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