Showed in Ladakh that China can’t push India around: CDS Gen Rawat

By Hindustan times

India’s senior-most military commander on Thursday said while China believed it could compel nations to give in to its demands with “a little bit of push and shove,” it was not able to do that in the Ladakh sector where the two countries have been locked in a border row for more than 11 months.

“India stood firm on its northern borders and we have proven that we will not get pushed (around),” chief of defence staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said during a discussion on the future of conflict at the Raisina Dialogue.

His counterparts from Australia and Japan — Generals Angus Campbell and Koji Yamakazi — were also on the panel. India, the United States, Japan and Australia constitute the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad. China has been wary of the grouping that was revived in late 2017, and Beijing’s suspicions have increased since the four countries upgraded the forum to the ministerial level in 2019.

India and China are currently negotiating a withdrawal of troops and weapons from friction points on the contested Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Asked to comment on China’s aggression in the region despite its behaviour bringing the Quad closer, Rawat said the Chinese feel that they have arrived and have a better armed force because of the technological advances they have made.

The CDS linked China’s assertiveness to its developing disruptive technologies that can paralyse systems of its adversaries, causing breakdowns in critical areas such as banking, power grids, transportation and communication.

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