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‘Misery cannot be measured here’: a struggle for survival in Yemen

By ET News

At the end of a treacherous road winding its way between jagged ridges, dozens of families have turned a desolate mountainside into a safe haven of sorts from Yemen’s years-long war.

The bedraggled community — tucked inside a Huthi rebel stronghold close to the Saudi border in Saada province where battles have raged between the Huthis and pro-government forces — fled their homes three years ago.

With their belongings strapped on the backs of donkeys, they kept moving further north under the threat of snipers and air strikes until they stopped hearing any fighting.

That was when they realised the mountainside of the Al-Azhour range would be their new home.

“They had to flee because of the war… and look for safe areas. They found it here, in this valley, in this place which is completely unsuitable for living,” said Mattar Ahmed, an official in Saada’s Razeh district.

“Circumstances have forced them to live in this place despite the harsh conditions. Misery cannot be measured here,” he told AFP.

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