Integration among 3 services key to face future security challenges: CDS

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Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat dispelled apprehensions on Wednesday that the creation of theatre commands to increase the synergy among the Army, Navy and Air Force would lead to one service usurping the other two as he described such concerns as a “misnomer”.

In an address at the Vivekananda International Foundation, he said the three service chiefs had given in writing to the government around two years ago that they wanted an integrated system to come in.

The CDS said integration and jointness among the three services are important for the country to face future security challenges.

“There is always hesitation to change. We are a status-quoist nation…. There is a feeling that the Army being the large service compared to the Navy and the Air Force, it will possibly usurp the two entities and possibly everything will become Army-centric. This is a misnomer,” he said.

General Rawat was replying to a question on the challenges being faced in the creation of the proposed theatre commands.

General Rawat took over as the country’s first CDS on January 1 last year with a mandate to bring in convergence among the three services and restructure the military commands to effectively deal with future security challenges.

He also said all the radar systems of the three services will be integrated to ensure optimum utilisation and they will operate under an overall air defence umbrella.

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