India’s conflicts with China, Pakistan likely to become more intense: US intel report

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India’s conflicts with China and Pakistan are likely to flare up due to ongoing issues with them, said a US intel report on threat assessment on Tuesday. It further stated that the conflicts and instability among the three countries are going to pose a direct and indirect threat to US persons and its interests.

The report said that although a general war between India and Pakistan is unlikely, crises between the two are likely to become more intense, risking an escalatory cycle.

Under PM Modi’s leadership, India is more likely than in past to respond with military force to perceived or real Pakistani provocations, and heightened tensions raise the risk of conflict between the two nuclear-armed neighbors, with violent unrest in Kashmir or a militant attack in India being potential flashpoints, said the report.

It went on to opine that internal and interstate conflict and instability will continue to pose direct and indirect threats to US persons and interests during the next year. Competition for power and resources, ethnic strife, and ideology will drive insurgency and civil war in many countries.

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