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Indian Air Force airlifts six cryogenic oxygen containers from Dubai

By ET News

A C-17 aircraft of Indian Air Force (IAF) on Monday airlifted six empty cryogenic oxygen containers from Dubai for COVID-19 relief operations. The aircraft airlifted the empty cryogenic oxygen containers from Dubai on April 26 and landed around 7:15 pm at Panagarh in West Bengal on same day.

According to IAF, another C17 aircraft of IAF airlifted four empty containers from Bangkok and landed at Panagarh early morning on Tuesday for COVID-19 relief operations.

Within India, IAF airlifted one cryogenic oxygen container from Baroda to Ranchi, two containers from Pune to Jamnagar, two containers from Bhopal to Jamnagar, three containers from Jaipur to Jamnagar

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