India trying to counter China’s huge cyber-attack capability: CDS

By ET News

India is taking some steps to counter China’s capability to launch devastating cyber-attacks through risk mitigation strategies, building firewalls and recovery systems as well as integrating cybersecurity resources of the Army, Navy and IAF, said General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday.

The chief of defence staff also indicated that India too is working on “offensive” cyber capabilities but acknowledged it’s way behind China in this domain of warfare as of now.

“The biggest military differential lies in the field of cyber. We know China is capable of launching cyber-attacks on us and that it can disrupt a large number of our systems,” said Gen Rawat, speaking on “Shaping the armed forces to meet likely current and future challenges” at the Vivekananda International Foundation here.

“What we are trying to do is to ensure cyber-defence. We have, therefore, created a tri-Service Cyber Defence Agency, with each service also having its own cyber agency, to ensure that even if we come under a cyber-attack, the downtime and effect does not last long,” he said.

The capability to come through a cyber-attack relatively unscathed is being addressed “in a very serious manner” within the country, even as India is also looking at “some support” from western countries to overcome this deficiency, he said.

Asked about “offensive” cyber capabilities, Gen Rawat said, “We will rather keep silent on that. But be rest assured, we are somewhere there. We would not like to talk about it.”

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