India- Romania Space Cooperation: INCAS to contribute in ISRO’s ambitious endeavors, says Claudia Dobre, Director of Business Development, INCAS

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The National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli” – INCAS is the leading research establishment in aerospace sciences in Romania, with a tradition of more than 70 years in aerospace engineering, flow physics and applied aerodynamics, using state-of-the-art technologies and a unique infrastructure of national strategic importance. INCAS has been involved in all major national aeronautical projects for civil and military areas, and is currently acting as a major player in EU policy making for Research and Development.

Eng Claudia Dobre – Director of Business Development (she is also an Aeronautical Engineer), shares more about INCAS’s involvement in the Gaganyaan programme as well as other areas of cooperation with India Space Research Organization and Aerospace industry with Huma Siddiqui.

Following are excerpts:

What is the Romanian National Institute for Aerospace Research and Development (INCAS)?

As a research establishment, INCAS’ mission is to offer dedicated research and development services to the aerospace community. INCAS handles everything from basic-oriented research via applied research to technological development and implementation of the obtained production results.

INCAS is an advanced research center that plays a key role both nationally and internationally in providing world-class capabilities across the spectrum of basic and applied aerospace science research, providing industrial support and expertise.

The institute carries out this mission in an environment that is integrated with the whole chain of stakeholders, including industry, SMEs and the academic community, supported by appropriate decision making bodies and authorities.

What services and capabilities does INCAS offer?

• Certification for civilian and military products in the aerospace sector;

• Aerospace research and development (including testing up to TRL 6 technological maturity level) for military and civilian applications;

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