How are the US and India shaping their relationship for the future world?

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Under Biden and Harris’s presidency, US-India relations prove to be the defining alliance among global powers. The “steller” partnership between the two countries, will help optimize global resources and drive-in development. The US and India are in a position where they both need each other.

The successful association will depend upon how the US engages with India. The US should look at India as an equal partner rather than a subordinate. Going forward, strategic cooperation between the two will create a “win-win” situation for both countries.

India and the US appear to be considering ways to improve their bilateral trade matters. They look forward to revitalizing engagement through the US-India Trade Policy Forum, discover directions to expand trade relationships, and cooperate on a broad set of issues. Meanwhile, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal’s opinion of India being cautious in its attitude to trade deals and ensuring reciprocity can be questioned to the trade relationships. Developing on its existing policies, India, thereby, should embrace foreign ties and indulge in inclusive growth measures.

Assessing the gamut of bilateral and multilateral exercises, the two sides have placed three foundational agreements – LEMOA allowing sharing of logistics, BECA geospatial mapping, and COMCASA allowing real-time information sharing to realize strong hold partnership. Modern sectors of coalitions including information-sharing, logistics cooperation, AI, space, and cyber are being advanced to strengthen their stature.

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