Development and consolidation of Indian Defence Sector

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India’s endeavour has always been to be self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-sustainable in its security and defence commitments. The recently incorporated DAP-2020 seems to be the well-elaborated acquisition process ever introduced, with an unambiguous ambition to make India “Atamnirbhar- self-reliant”.

It is imperative to highlight the incorporation of steps like “Leasing”, giving due importance to “Information & Communication Technology (ICT)” &“Artificial Intelligence (AI)” which are imbibed with a progressive vision towards its dream. Merely incorporating these in the policy document will not be sufficient, we need to watch the progress by involving rigorous efforts in implementation for comprehensive growth of these varied but interrelated sectors.

The defence comprises the enormously technical and extremely collaborative industrial sector, which transcend through a needle to the manufacturing of complicated computer chips, sophisticated Electronic Warfare Systems (EWS), surface warfare to fighter aircraft etc…, all of the above products impact the entire allied industrial sector. Thus, we need to keep a stringent focus on defence sector development, but also require fabricating a policy that promotes the development of associated industries concurrently.

Having underlined those issues, now we need to push for an inclusive policy where we involve the Indian Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) taking a significant role in the Aerospace & Defence (A&D) sector, particularly on the revenue side.

It has to be a resolute effort, where we provide them opportunities to form tie-ups to support an existing inventory or to get involved in a futuristic tie-up for a platform/article/item which India is planning to procure through a foreign vendor.

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