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China makes moves around Dongsha Island in South China Sea


China has been claiming islands in South China Sea since 1974. Now it is eyeing and moving to gain control of Dongsha islands.

Dongsha islands are a part of Taiwan. There are no permanent residents. But Taiwanese marines are stationed there. The islands are located 275 miles from the Taiwanese municipality of Kaohsiung.

They are close to Hong Kong, located between China, Taiwan and the Philippines. reports of china trying to capture the islands emerged in 2020.

Taiwan’s F-16s began patrolling the area. China sent more drones. And Taiwan drew the line. It said it will open fire & shoot down the Chinese drones, if needed.

China wants these islands just to make point of its ‘sovereignty over Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 100th anniversary on July 23. It wants to make a point. And Dongsha makes for an easy target.

It’s small, has flat geography. Which means it’s hard to defend. Plus, it is strategically located.

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