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Chhattisgarh: Security forces rescue 30 passengers after Naxals derail train in Dantewada

By Times Now

The Chhattisgarh Police rescued at least 30 passengers on Friday after Naxals derailed a train they were travelling in near Dantewada. All passengers have safely returned to their respective homes, confirmed the police.

According to Dantewada Superintendant of Police (SP) Abhishek Pallav, a passenger train carrying 30 passengers was derailed by Naxals between Bhansi and Bacheli on late Friday night.

The train got derailed but no passenger was hurt. The District Reserve Guard jawans were immediately rushed to the derailment site as they helped in safely evacuating the passengers from the train.

All 30 passengers onboard were evacuated and moved to a safe spot before being sent to their homes.

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