Breakthrough still elusive in eastern Ladakh but China wants India to ‘cherish current positive trend’

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Despite no breakthrough on disengagement in remaining areas of eastern Ladakh after holding the 11th round of corps commander-level meeting which lasted 13 hours, China on Sunday said that India should “cherish the current positive trend of de-escalation and cooling down of border tensions.”

China has further reiterated its old statement saying India should meet China halfway and safeguard peace and stability in border regions together.

On the other hand, India in its statement said, “The two sides had a detailed exchange of views for the resolution of the remaining issues related to disengagement along the LAC in eastern Ladakh,” the Army said in a statement.”

Solving the remaining issues will be challenging for both sides: Global Times
The two sides agreed on the need to resolve the outstanding issues in an expeditious manner in accordance with the existing agreements and protocols, it added.

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