Boeing 737 Max re-entry to Indian skies is further delayed. But SpiceJet is not worried

By moneycontrol

Barely five months after major airlines resumed flying Boeing Max 737 aircraft that were grounded for almost two years, the popular airplane that cay fly up to 7,000 km has hit another air pocket.

This was not expected. Just a few days ago Boeing’s senior management told Indian media that the aircraft had gone through a rigorous check of 4 lakh engineering hours, 1,400 test flights and 3,000 flight hours before it took off again after being grounded for 20 months following fatal accidents that killed 346 people,

The return looked like a success, with regulatory approvals coming from major markets, including Europe, the US and Australia. Twenty airlines had brought it back to service, and 182 of these planes were in service.

But on April 9, quite a few of these airlines grounded many of their 737 Max aircraft after Boeing warned of a new fault. About 16 airlines and nearly 100 aircraft are effected.

Is it the same problem that led to the earlier grounding?

It isn’t. This time the problem is an electrical one, and gives a backup to the main power system. This is different from the software problem that led to the twin fatal crashes. Ironically, the new issue has cropped up in those planes that were produced after the checks and changes in the system.

Which airlines have been impacted?

The three biggest American airlines that use the aircraft, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines, have been forced to pull some of their 737 Max out of service.

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