Backed by disruptive tech, China tried push & shove tactics but India stood firm: CDS Rawat

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Backed by its “disruptive technology”, China thought it could compel India to yield to its demands through push and shove, but New Delhi stood firm and prevented change of status quo, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said Thursday, stopping short of terming Beijing a bully.

Gen. Rawat made the comments at the Raisina Dialogue 2021, where he referred to the border tensions with China.

The former Indian Army chief didn’t specify the disruptive technology he was referring to, but he added that soon adversaries may get embroiled into conflicts in which one of the two warring nations could even be unaware of the conflict at hand.

“Unconventional games of conflict employed by clever use of disruptive technology could actually paralyse the network of systems like banking, power grids, communication to name just a few,” he said.

“Therefore, nations which have developed this kind of technology feel that they will be able to impose their will on other nations by saying that if you don’t come to my terms, then I have other means to bring you into conflict with unconventional means and therefore… nations are trying to become assertive and this is what China attempted to say that it is my way or no other way,” he said.

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