At Bengaluru airport, crowds and lack of masks make many uneasy

By Indian Express

Despite the circular issued by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) recently asking airport operators to ensure Covid-19 protocol is followed properly after the sudden rise in Coronavirus cases in India, the Bengaluru International Airport is a study in how this is easier said than done.

Many travelers have noted how social distancing norms are not followed on premises and many passengers are still not wearing masks.

Dr Pavan Patil from Gadag, a member of Karnataka Medical Council (KMC), who was travelling to Hubballi on Monday morning, said he was shocked to see how negligent the passengers were. He said there was no social distancing being followed at the airport and since eateries are open, people ended up removing masks within the closed environment.”

“The Bengaluru airport authority and officials have to increase awareness about Covid-19 protocols to the passengers. Though the airport authorities have put up markings to maintain social distancing and about wearing masks, no one is checking the passengers or asking them to wear masks properly and follow social distance,” he added.

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