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Will the Korean navy aircraft carrier dream come true?

By Defence View

As we all know, South Korea is very like and people to fight the country, but because of its national strength, so often always have more than enough power. And with the aircraft carriers of its neighbors in recent years, one after another has been put into service and built, it has also made it eager to try.

However, South Korea to build a large aircraft carrier is impossible, after all, many technical difficulties can not be broken, the most important thing is that the Navy’s funding is not so much, so can only make a choice, design a type of technical difficulty is not high light aircraft carrier to solve the problem, is the best choice.

In fact, the design of a light aircraft carrier is not very difficult, but its ship-borne aircraft has been unable to cross the threshold, but also South Korea is an ally of the United States, the U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship using the F-35B vertical / short-range take-off and landing stealth fighter has been put into production for many years, and in its “Wasp” class amphibious attack ship for many years of use, and very successful.

As a result, a type of “American”-class amphibious assault ship has been developed, which has eliminated the docking module and is specifically equipped with F-35B vertical/short-range take-off and landing stealth fighter aircraft, providing a certain amount of air control for its amphibious landing operations.

In fact, vertical/short-range take-off and landing fighters have been around for decades, but the performance of vertical/short-range take-off and landing fighters in the past is not as good as that of today’s F-35B

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