Indo-US defence cooperation, the industry agenda

By New Indian Express

The US Secretary of Defence General Lloyd Austin’s visit to India this month was the first trip by a Biden administration official to this country. The fact that India was part of the first international tour for the US defence secretary to share the new administration’s priorities shows the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to the US-India bilateral relationship.

Wide-ranging discussions held between Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Secretary Austin on regional security cooperation, military-to-military interactions and defence trade not only seek to elevate the US-India major defence partnership but also reflect our converging strategic interests.

Going forward, industry engagement must be an important priority, and comprehensive and bilateral support to business cooperation in the defence and high-technology sectors is required for us to realise the full potential of the India-US Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership.

Recent enabling agreements between our nation and the US, including India’s recognition as a Major Defence Partner with Strategic Trade Authorisation (STA-1)

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