In Piyush Goyal’s pursuit, Airbus has an opportunity Vs Boeing

By moneycontrol

The occasion to make the announcement was a strange one. But if the Indian government, as Union Minister Piyush Goyal mentioned during his address at Toy Fair 2021, is pursuing Airbus to set up a manufacturing aircraft in India, the timing would be just right for the European aviation giant.

“…I’m actively pursuing Airbus to try and get them to come to India to start manufacturing aeroplanes in India,” said Goyal.

Airbus could use the opportunity to cement its dominance in the world’s second largest market in terms of aircraft order, over its American rival Boeing. Especially when Boeing, which has been on the back foot since the grounding of its Max 737 aircraft, may have dropped the plan to set up a manufacturing base in India, as per this report.

“Why not? They produce in China and the US. India is now one of their largest A320 markets,” said Sanjiv Kapoor, Senior Advisor, Alton Aviation; former COO SpiceJet and CSCO, Vistara, when asked about the possibility of Airbus setting up a manufacturing shop in India.

The A320 aircraft, which is used by IndiGo and GoAir, has helped Airbus keep the lead over Boeing when it comes to commercial aircraft market in India. And it will want to keep it at that.

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