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How Bed Bugs “Sunk” One the U.S. Navy’s Deadliest Submarines

By National Interest

Bed bugs are often a hazard of urban living. Massive infestations of the critters have occasionally taken place in New York City, including in 2010 and again a decade later, although reportedly the coronavirus caused bedbugs to be less of a problem of late.

Now, there are reports of a bedbug problem in a very non-urban setting—on a submarine.

According to the Navy Times, there has of late been a bedbug infestation on the fast-attack submarine Connecticut and some sailors told the publication that “the boat’s command has been slow to fix the problem.”

Connecticut is a Seawolf-class submarine, one of only three elite subs the U.S. Navy relies on.

The problem has been traced to the vessel’s participation in the Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2020 exercise in the Arctic Ocean, nearly a year ago. It’s still an issue now, after the boat came back to its home port in Washington state in December.

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