Air India pilots demand roll back of blanket ban on posting on social media

By Hindustan times

Air India’s union of Airbus pilots — Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) — has appealed to its management to roll back their policy that does not allow any Air India employee, whether serving or retired, to post anything on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, WhatsApp or Twitter, blogs or video channels, be it during or after duty hours. ICPA has termed the policy to be entirely illegal and with no basis in law.

Despite repeated attempts, Air India did not respond to HT’s queries.

Besides other restrictions, the pilots, in a letter to its chairman and managing director Rajiv Bansal, raised concerns on getting approval from the airline even for uploading personal content related to Air India or any of its activities. The pilots also pointed out that the policy implemented from March 1 this year states that the airline has rights to monitor comments or discussions about them, their employees, clients and the industry posted on the internet.

The pilots said that India currently has no law that either empowers or remotely justified such an act by the employer, especially Air India being a state instrumentality under Article 12 of the Constitution, to impose such a blanket ban on the use of social media.

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