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White House offers ‘full support’ for Donald Trump-era Space Force

By ET News

The White House on Wednesday offered “full support” for Space Force, a day after the president’s chief spokesperson provoked a backlash with seemingly dismissive comments about the Trump-era addition to the U.S. military.

“They absolutely have the full support of the Biden administration,“ White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a briefing when asked if President Joe Biden backed the newest branch of the military branch or whether he would take steps to try to eliminate or diminish it.

“We are not revisiting the decision to establish the Space Force,” she said.

Psaki noted that Congress would have to initiate any dismantling of the force. She said the Defense Department’s desire to focus more attention and resources on the security challenges in space has been of bipartisan concern for some time.

“Thousands of men and women proudly serve in the Space Force,” Psaki said. “As you know, it was established by Congress and any other steps would actually have to be taken by Congress, not by the administration.”

Psaki had struck a dismissive tone Tuesday when asked about Biden’s intentions.

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