Urban Air Mobility: The Future of Transport Between Indian Cities| Interview – BLADE India

By News18

BLADE, a US based Urban Air Mobility, in December 2018 formed a joint venture with equity investment firm Hunch Ventures to launch its services in India called FlyBlade. BLADE India started its operations in Mumbai, offering alternative travel solutions for leisure, business and religious travellers on routes like Mumbai to Shirdi, Mumbai to Pune and now Mumbai to Aambey Valley, Lonavala. To understand the model of BLADE, we got in touch with Karanpal Singh, Founder of Hunch Ventures and FlyBlade who gave us insights on the current Urban Air Mobility market of India and the future. Here’s our interview:

Recently, European aviation major Airbus signed an initial pact with FlyBlade India, to help develop the on-demand helicopter services market in South Asia. Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU), Airbus and BLADE will collaborate to create awareness about on-demand helicopter services, among helicopter operators, customers and other stakeholders in the region.

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