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The untold story of India’s brave heart – Air Vice Marshal Chandan Singh

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‘Victory goes to him who fights with complete fearlessness and is utterly devoid of hatred’, and Air Vice Marshal Chandan Singh was a living example of exactly that – a legend in the Indian Air Force. A Rajput, AVM Chandan Singh spent his teenage years in the Second World War in Iraq, Persia, Egypt and Palestine.

His life took a turn after he had a chance meeting with the Maharaja of Jodhpur, Ummaid Singh, who was an honorary Air Marshal of the Royal Indian Air Force. The Maharaja asked him to apply for a change of service and at his behest; he applied for a transfer to the Royal Indian Air Force. In 1962, during the Chinese aggression, where India suffered reverses, Sq. Ldr Chandan Singh showed exemplary courage to transport tanks on the Russian AN-12 aircraft taking an enormous risk and even the Russians were surprised as to how Chandan dared it.

For his exemplary courage, he was awarded with the Vir Chakra. In 1971, Group Captain Chandan Singh once again proved his mettle. He was responsible for raising the Bangladeshi Air force and successfully flew Indian troops across the Meghna River and reached Dacca, forcing the capitulation in record time in the 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh. For this act of valour he was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra.

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