Sukhoi Su-57 – A significant boost to Russian air combat capabilities

By Air Force Technology.

The Sukhoi Su-57 is a stealth-capable multi-role fifth-generation fighter jet being developed for the Russian Air Force. Airforce Technology details the key features of Su-57 that make it a force multiplier for the Russian Armed Forces.

Advanced capabilities over fourth-generation aircraft

The Su-57 is an outcome of the Russian Air Force’s PAK FA fifth-generation fighter jet programme. Codenamed ‘Felon’ by Nato, Su-57 is a twin-engine stealth fighter that will be used in both anti-air and air-to-ground operations.

Being developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau and Russian Aircraft Corporation, the aircraft performed its maiden flight in August 2019. The first stealth-capable fighter jet of Russia will provide advanced capabilities to the country’s armed forces regarding stealth, speed, weapons and sensors.

The aircraft will be equipped with multi-mission capability, automation and artificial intelligence technologies to significantly boost the capabilities of the Russian Air Force. It will eventually replace the air force’s MiG-29 and Su-27 fourth-generation aircraft. Felon offers a supersonic range of more than 1,500km, more than two times the range of the Su-27 fighter.

The fighter jet is currently powered by Izdeliye 117 or AL-41F1 augmented turbofans. Future production batches will be equipped with the new Izdeliye 30 engines. Thanks to improved aerodynamics, Sukhoi Su-57 can cruise at a speed of up to Mach 2 without the use of afterburners. It can achieve a range of up to 3,500km while travelling at subsonic speeds.

Russia is also looking to field the S-70 Okhotnik (Hunter-B) strike drone alongside the Su-57 in a teaming arrangement in a war-like situation. The stealth-capable drone is also likely to be deployed as a ‘loyal wingman’ for the Sukhoi Su-57 fighter.

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