Meet the Tibetan poet who wants India to repeal its ‘One China’ policy

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Tenzin Tsundue is a poet on a mission. His words are not meant to delight or entertain; they are written to serve the Tibetan freedom struggle. Born and raised in India as a child of refugees from Tibet, Tsundue is at the forefront of public advocacy against Chinese occupation.

He seeks no accolades, only liberation. Now a man of 46, he is out on the streets walking from Dharamsala to Delhi urging the government of India to repeal its ‘One China’ policy. He began the journey on February 12, and plans to complete it on March 10.

In a press note on his website, he explains, “The main aim is to bring India’s focus on Tibet, the missing link in the India-China crisis. Our Indian brothers and sisters need to understand the reasons for China’s constant threat to India. China is creating border disputes not only with India, but also 14 of its other neighbouring countries.

China’s imperialist designs not only aim to expand its land and sea territories, and Xi Jinping has proved to all that the real aim of the People’s Republic of China is to strategically become the global super power.”

As a poet, Tsundue wears his political convictions on his sleeve. He believes in creating awareness about his cause through face-to-face contact with Indians from various walks of life, not only fellow poets and artists of other kinds.

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