ITBP to strengthen short, long-range patrolling at Indo-China border, says DG Deswal

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The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) will strengthen their short and long-range patrolling at the Indo-China border, said Surjeet Singh Deswal, Director General, ITBP on Tuesday.

Both the armies of India and China have agreed for disengagement in few areas and military troops have also been removed to maintain a status of pre-face-off that happened last year.

“We will continue to conduct our short and long-range patrol. All our Border Out Posts (BOPs) are on full deployment since 2020. Patrolling will also be strengthened,” Deswal said.

DG Deswal also mentioned that the task of border management has been given to ITBP and the army will support them as per the bilateral agreement.

“Government has given the mandate of border management to ITBP. The army will be behind us as per the bilateral agreement. The disengagement is only between the two armies (India and China),” Deswal added.

ITBP has a special frontier which is headed by an Inspector-General level officer based in Ladakh.

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