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Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs a negotiating, not a criminal, process

By Indian Express

Regarding the scope of its territorial jurisdiction over issues pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This unwarranted intervention by a foreign court undermines Israel’s sovereignty, rewards Palestinian terrorism, plays into the hands of extremists, and turns the Court into a tool of anti-Israel propaganda.

Israel, a Jewish state founded after the horrors of the Holocaust, was among the first states to support the idea of establishing an international criminal court. Nevertheless, like other states, Israel did not join the Rome Statute due to concerns that the court would be exploited as a political tool rather than fulfilling its original purpose. The ICC has now proven that these concerns were justified.

Israel has valid legal claims over the same territory that the Palestinians have sought to submit to the ICC’s jurisdiction. The agreement between Israel and the Palestinians to resolve their dispute over this territory’s future status through negotiations has long been between the sides.

The recent normalisation agreements between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco, known as the Abraham Accords, are further proof that the only way to achieve genuine peace is through direct negotiations.

Israel acknowledges that the lack of jurisdiction on the part of international tribunals with respect to any particular dispute does not relieve states of their duty to fulfil their international legal obligations.

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