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Indian Navy denies it has joined Iran-Russia naval exercise in Indian Ocean

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The Indian Navy has denied that it is participating in an exercise along with the navies of Iran and Russia in the northern part of the Indian Ocean. Earlier, there were reports that the Indian Navy too has joined the exercise named ‘Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt 2021’.

“The news reports regarding Indian Navy participating in Iran-Russia Maritime exercise is incorrect,” the Indian Navy said in a statement today. Earlier, reports had said that India too had has joined the two-day navy exercise involving Iran and Russia.

Al Jazeera had reported that forces and vessels from both the Iranian Army as well as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) navy divisions were taking part in the exercise. Many vessels from the Russian Navy were also participating.

The report had quoted Admiral Gholamreza Tahani, spokesman of the drill, as saying that the Indian Navy was also participating with a select group of vessels.

“The exercise we are conducting with Russia is so flexible that not only one other country but several others could join in later if they wish to do so,” Tahani said.

Hossein Khanzadi, commander of the Iranian Navy, even stated that the Chinese Navy was also expected to join the exercise.

“It means that global arrogance which until today dominated the region must realise that it needs to leave it,” Khanzadi said, as per a quote on the Iranian Army’s website.

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