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Indian Army battle school in Srinagar trains troops for counter-insurgency ops

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In a bid to combat the real-life operations, the Army has adopted new methods to train soldiers who are deployed in Kashmir valley. The 15 Corps Battle School in Srinagar has been engaged in imparting training to soldiers from across the country in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism.

The training has been made mandatory for all the troops who get posted to Kashmir valley. They undergo a rigorous training course at the battle school, where they learn skills that are imperative for the local terrain.

Lieutenant colonel Dipanker Bose, in charge of Corps Battle School, said that troops from across the country are trained at their school, where their physical and mental robustness is tested and they are also taught the rules of engagement.

“This school trains all the troops who get deployed to the 15 Corps zone. It is mandatory for everyone. We train troops from pan-India on their physical and mental robustness. They are also trained on human rights and the armed forces special powers act (AFSPA). We give them a clear picture of the things they are supposed to do and what they are not supposed to do,” Lt. Col Bose told ANI.

Further talking about the training programme, Lieutenant colonel said, “We divide the training programme into two parts.

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