Imran Khan pushes anti-India agenda on two-day Sri Lanka visit


Imran Khan is on a two-day visit to Sri Lanka. His first visit to the island nation since becoming prime minister. On day one, they focused on boosting bilateral relations, expanding trade ties and attracting more investments but as the day ended, it became amply clear that Khan only wanted a new platform to push his anti-India agenda. Alongside, he also did some good PR for Pakistan’s iron-brother China.

Imran Khan reached the residence of Sri Lankan prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa for dinner. A lavish banquet was held at Temple Trees. Imran Khan was visibly delighted with the reception. It followed one-on-one meetings and delegation-level-talks. Finally, a joint press briefing by the two prime ministers was held.

Imran Khan started by talking about inequality and why organisations like the United Nations need to look after countries that have been severely hit by the coronavirus.

Day one was about pleading for help and day two was about pushing propaganda for both Pakistan and China. Imran Khan attended a trade and investment conference and he admired China’s rise. How China is helping Pakistan rise? He even invited Sri Lanka to join China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Then, it was the turn of Kashmir.

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