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Goa Shipyard to build Navy’s Damage Control Simulator in Port Blair

By The Hindu

A state-of-the-art Damage Control Simulator (DCS) for the Indian Navy will be set up in Port Blair. Lt. Gen. Manoj Pande, Commander in Chief, Andaman and Nicobar Command laid the foundation stone for the project.

Goa Shipyard Ltd. (GSL) will build ship simulators for damage control. It has already built six simulators of various types for the defence forces and recently exported one simulator to a neighbouring country, a press release from GSL said.

The Damage Control Simulator is a training system that simulates a realistic and stressful but controlled environment for crew training in damage control and repair for ships in various scenarios, the Goa shipyard said. In real-life operational service, there is a possibility of ship damage in times of both war and peace. To contain the damage and save the vessel, the crew should be able to respond to threats with efficiency, expertise and confidence gained from training in similar situations, the company said.

The simulator will help Navy trainees think on their feet and improve team-building skills and prepare them for the unforeseen hardships and emergencies that may emerge at sea, said GSL.

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