DSA begins scouting for ‘star wars’ tech: Latest move shows India awake to threats of tomorrow

By Times Now

India’s recently constituted Defence Space Agency, under the Ministry of Defence, has, reportedly, begun looking for innovations and technologies to augment the country’s capabilities to contend with the new and largely unexplored frontier of space.

The tri-services agency, which became operational in November 2019 and effectively merged the Defence Imagery Processing and Analysis Centre and the Defence Information Assurance and Research Agency, is one among three of India’s space-based agencies that also includes Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Defence Space Research Agency (DSRO).

The need for a greater focus on the threats arising from the void has arisen on the back of the increased cluttering in Earth’s orbit along with the rising militarisation of space-based objects. According to a NASA report, there were roughly 2,000 active satellites orbiting Earth and over 23,000 pieces of debris larger than 10cm in orbit as of January 2020.

What’s more, it has also been reported that three-quarters of all satellites launched by space agencies around the world aim to serve military needs, effectively acting as the eyes and ears of command outfits.

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