Does United Airlines’ engine failure impact Pratt & Whitney’s chance in Indian market?

BY moneycontrol

Much of the initial focus and debate after the engine failure incident involving a United Airlines flight has been on Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer whose B777 plane was involved in the episode.

In fact, the same day – February 20 – of the United incident, a Boeing 747 cargo plane had a similar engine failure event over the Netherlands.

The scrutiny is not surprising. The American manufacturer has been under the dock ever since its Max 737 aircraft got grounded in 2019 after it was involved in two fatal tragedies. In another incident in January this year, a Boeing 737 crashed soon after take-off from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

But the twin incidents on February 20, weren’t just about Boeing. Engines of both aircraft were from Pratt & Whitney (P&W), one of the biggest engine suppliers in the world. The engine used here was the PW4000, which first came into use in 1984.

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