Chinese report claims to have detailed knowledge of India’s border deployment

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The Indian Army’s strategy on the border with China comprises protecting the eastern part, stabilising the middle and seizing the western section, the location of the recent and most serious military standoff in decades, according to a new report on a Chinese website that makes a rare public claim – having detailed knowledge of the Indian Army’s and the Air Force’s deployment across the Sino-Indian border.

The analysis by expert Pan Xinmao, formerly from the PLA Academic of Military Science’s Operation Theory and Doctrine Research Department, was published on the website of the Outlook Weekly, focused towards Chinese policy makers, affiliated to the news agency Xinhua.

In the report, Pan claims New Delhi has deployed 20% of its soldiers and kept another 30% of troops as reserves in “strategic areas” along the Sino-Indian boundary.

Explaining the Indian Army’s policy, the expert said the “eastern section” of the boundary – in Arunachal Pradesh claimed by China as part of south Tibet – is the “key focus” for the Indian military.

It said around 85,000 troops, 21 fighter aircraft (Su-MKI), 33 transport planes and 36 helicopters are deployed in the eastern region

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