China out to delink border row from biz ties

By Tribune India

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is the son of K Subrahmanyam, the doyen of India’s security and strategic studies. The minister, too, is making his presence felt in world affairs. Undeniably, China is his forte.

Jaishankar needs to counter the uncivil and unacceptable Chinese snub to sovereign India. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told India on January 29 to forget the border dispute. At the behest of the Communist Party of China (CPC), of course, he resorted to undiplomatic coercion.

“We have noted minister Jaishankar’s remarks of January 28. However, we stress that the boundary issue shall not be linked with the overall bilateral relations. That’s an important experience we have gathered through many years of efforts to keep relations moving forward,” the spokesman asserted.

What’s the implication of it? It’s got to be ‘borderless’ China-India bilateral, thereby giving the CPC-controlled PLA unbridled access to India, to infiltrate, capture land and build villages as Chinese companies, traders and bankers make billions of dollars in the hinterland.

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