China backs India in hosting BRICS; Is it still relevant?

By financial express

As India has taken over the responsibility and host of the BRICS events for this year, has been endorsed by China in this endeavour. The debates and discussions about the relevance of BRICS and also its greater impact on the Sino- Indian relations have risen from dormancy yet again.

The press communiqué mentions that it is the intentions of the BRICS nations to further greater cooperation and strengthen the relations between the states involved and also to move forward the three-pillar-driven agenda of greater political, economic, and cultural cooperation.

Efforts will also be made to strengthen and expand ‘BRICS Plus’. BRICS Plus is an initiative to widen the BRICS initiative keeping the primary importance of the five founding members but also opening it up to ‘a circle of friends’ and consequently be involved in greater south-south cooperation. The initiative is aimed at providing opportunities to developing economies for communication and consultation. The initiative is not just aimed at building capabilities and cooperation mechanisms with emerging economies; it is also a path for BRICS towards a greater global presence and eventually global governance.

Withstanding the above mentioned, it is worth mentioning that the Indian hosting of BRICS and the Chinese support of the same is also being perceived as an opportunity to build stronger Sino- Indian relations. While Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister is yet to confirm whether the Chinese President Xi Jinping will be attending the BRICS summit that would be scheduled later in the year, however, if tradition is to be believed then the chances of President Xi attending are high since he previously attended all the annual summits that have been held over the years.

While it is true that BRICS summits would give both India and China an opportunity to work in close cooperation with each other it would be wrong to reduce the fate of the cryptic and labyrinthine relationship between the two states to an annual summit.

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