Boeing’s recommendation to ground 777s after Denver incident not to impact India: Civil Aviation Ministry source

By The Hindu

Boeing’s recommendation to ground over 120 of its 777 planes with engines similar to the one that failed on a United Airlines plane in the United State’s Denver would not impact India as the 777s operating in the country did not have Pratt and Whitney engines, a Civil Aviation Ministry source said on Monday.

After the Denver incident, Boeing recommended grounding of the planes pending inspections. Soon after the take-off, one engine of the plane carrying 231 passengers and 10-member crew from Denver to Honolulu had failed. However, no one was injured during the emergency landing.

While the United Airlines decided to temporarily ground 24 Boeing 777s, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a directive for immediate inspection of the planes with the same type of engine.

In Japan also, two airline operators have been ordered to suspend operating the 777s using Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines, reports said.

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