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Army lays groundwork for developing futuristic communication system

By Tribune India

With the increasing dominance of the electronic spectrum, cyber warfare and artificial intelligence, the Army has laid the groundwork to introduce a futuristic communication system for providing secure and seamless interconnectivity between its warfighting elements and also enhance situational awareness.

“The Indian Army is planning a LTE-based communication grid with Internet of Military Things (IoMT) sensor network for providing failsafe, robust and secure communication to its formations and units along the northern and eastern borders,” a request for information floated a few days ago states.

This will require designing and developing, with industry support, a communication grid with its radio access network, core network and IoMT compatible network along with sensors and interfaces to provide surveillance, situational awareness, sensor network and compatible interfaces for legacy surveillance devices currently in the Army’s inventory.

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices that increases the capacity and speed of data transfer and provides several add-on facilities. IoMT is a type of Internet of Things designed for combat operations and warfare based upon smart technology and artificial intelligence.

It comprises a complex network of interconnected entities in the military domain that continually communicate with each other to accomplish a broad range of activities in a more efficient and informed manner.

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