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Anonymous US paper says China’s Xi Jinping is biggest threat to US — what it means for India

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An anonymously authored paper published in the Atlantic Council, titled The Longer Telegram has created a buzz in the strategic world, globally. The paper says China is the single biggest challenge for the US in the 21st century.

In episode 676 of ‘Cut the Clutter’, Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta analysed some key points that emerge from this paper.

Rise of an authoritarian China under Xi Jinping
The paper says the rise of an authoritarian China under Xi Jinping is the single most important challenge facing the United States. It separates the Communist Party from the country and underlines party’s General Secretary Xi’s rise as the real threat.

The paper goes on to say that US policy should be laser-focussed on Xi and his inner circle and understand how to operate within China’s political strategic paradigm. US policy that is directed towards changing China’s behaviour must revolve around understanding China’s politics, or it will be ineffectual — which means play with Chinese Communist Party politics, Gupta explained.

The paper also says that under Xi, China has seen a return to a purely classical Marxist Leninist construct, and the rise of a quasi Maoist personality cult, which includes the elimination of all political rivals.

It adds that the private sector in the country, though flourishing, has come under Communist Party’s control, “Jack Ma is a good example of this,” added Gupta, “This is state capitalism, the ultimate example of state capitalism, where you can have a company but the party will control it.”

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