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Aero India: Not a fighter jet but infantry combat vehicle is showstopper

By ET News

It is not a fancy fighter jet that always catches visitors’ attention in the Aero show. Rather, this time, an infantry combat vehicle has turned out to be a showstopper for Aero India, the Asia’s biggest aerospace and defence exhibition.

It is only because a startup company Tonbo Imaging has come up with solution challenges thrown up during Defence India Startup Challenge under government’s iDEX (Innovation for Defence Excellence) initiative.

The force stated that dust, smoke, fog, camouflage and even darkness used to hamper the vision of BMP-II Sarath on battlefields. Therefore, they placed the challenge before the startups.

The company took up the challenge and successfully integrated 360 panoramic degree view on the Indian Army’s amphibious AFV, BMP-II Sarath. Before that it was not possible to do so in a BMP-II Sarath as only the 120 degree view was available which was mechanical.

Speaking over being selected as showstopper, Commander Rajendra Kumar from Tonbo Imaging said, “In 2018, the government has given us a task under iDEX and we were the first to complete the task.”

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