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Aero-India 2021: European company MBDA focuses on Make in India

By Financial Express

The maker of the Dassualt Aviation’s fighter jet `Rafale’s game-changing weaponry, European company MBDA will be highlighting its entire range of missiles and missile systems. These have been designed to provide the Indian Air Force (IAF) next generation air combat capabilities, like air dominance, strike and maritime engagement.

This is the only European company which has the capability of designing and producing missile systems that are in line to provide full range of not only the current but for future operational needs of the three armed forces.

The systems on display have components which have been made in India and L&T MBDA Missile Systems Ltd will be putting up the systems it has offered to the Indian forces and this includes its work on MICA missile launchers for the Rafale fighters which are inducted in the IAF.

The company has been working with the Indian Armed Forces and the industry for 5 decades.

The revolutionary ramjet powered and network-enabled beyond visual range air-to-air missile METEOR has been recognized as a game changer for air combat. It has a throttle able ramjet engine, active radar seeker and datalink. These provide unmatched end-game speed and maneuverability at greatly extended ranges. And it results in its all-important ‘No-Escape Zone’, which is greater than any other BVR weapons.

For deep strike for a modern air force SCALP is being delivered to the Indian Air Force. This has the capability to deliver precision strikes against high value targets like the well protected military installations, major infrastructures as well as control bunkers/centres.

ASRAAM is being delivered to the IAF as its New Generation Close Combat Missile programme and this has a large rocket motor, and clean aerodynamic design, has unrivalled speed and resultant aerodynamic manoeuvrability and range.

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