Work On Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter For Indian Navy Aircraft Carriers On Track, Wind Tunnel Test Soon

By Swarajyamag

Work on India’s twin-engine deck based fighter (TEDBF), which will operate from the Indian Navy’s current and future aircraft carriers, is on track, Vinod Kumar, the project director for the programme, has said.

The TEDBF is being developed to replace Russian-origin MiG-29Ks.

In an interview to journalist Anantha Krishnan M, Kumar said the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has received inputs from the Navy and worked out two configurations which satisfy most of the requirements.

Kumar said that the ADA received “informal requirements” for the TEDBF from the navy “very early in 2020”. The formal operational requirements were given by the Indian Navy in May, after which the ADA worked out two configurations for the TEDBF programme — “Delta-Canard and Trapezoidal with Tail”.

Both these configurations satisfy most of the requirements put forward by the Indian Navy for this programme, the TEDBF project director added.

“We are confident about the configurations. We will go to the Indian Navy, the user, and then seek their view on what is the way ahead to freeze the configuration and fine tune all the requirements with the PSQR (Preliminary Staff Qualitative Requirements) that will be released by the Indian Navy,” Kumar said.

Kumar revealed that the Delta-Canard configuration of the deck based fighter will undergo low-speed wind tunnel tests soon.

“Requirements that the navy has put in terms of carrier suitability and performance have been taken into consideration for this configuration,” he said.

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