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Why Iran Is Showing Off Its Missile Might

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Iran has been conducting long-range missile drills days before U.S. President-elect comes to office. The goal of Tehran is to present the new U.S. administration with a fait accompli by showing off its capabilities.

The recent Iranian missile drill saw one fall within 100 miles of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier in the Indian ocean, and just twenty miles from a commercial ship. At the same time Israel-Iran tensions have also increased over the last month. Reports in Syria blamed Israel for airstrikes near the Iraqi border and in December reports claimed Israel had sent a submarine towards the Persian Gulf.

Israel has been testing its state-of-the-art air defense systems in reaction years of growing missile threats from Iran and its allies.

The implications are clear, Iran is conducting missile tests with impunity, firing them out to sea into areas where international shipping could be threatened. The Nimitz and its strike group were surprisingly turned around in early January after being headed home, to stay in the Middle East due to Iran tensions. In addition, the Pentagon has sent five flights of B-52s on round-trip missions to the Middle East in the last two months, a warning to Iran. Tehran expects the saber-rattling from Washington to end soon as Biden comes into office.

Iran’s calculations brought it to set up a forest of massive missiles in southern Iran for a variety of tests on January 15 and 16. Among the missiles shown on videos by Tehran were its Emad, Ghadr and Sejjil long range ballistic missiles. It’s important to recall that a year ago on January 8

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