The Biden view of the Indo-Pacific

India’s political leaders, diplomats, journalists and scholars, now have a clear view about the thinking of the Biden Administration. Some of them have met President Joe Biden himself. Others have interacted with senior personalities, ranging from Secretary of State Antony Blinken and William Burns as Director CIA, to Special Envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry, Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser, and Kurt Campbell as the “Indo-Pacific Coordinator” in the White House.

The President himself has a clear idea of the India-US relationship from his days as Barrack Obama’s Vice-President. More importantly, as Head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he spearheaded moves in the Senate by President George Bush to end nuclear sanctions against India.

Vice-President Kamala Harris has naturally held her counsel till she familiarises herself on the views of the President, on the complexities of important foreign policy and national security issues.

In a recent article, which he authored, Kurt Campbell drew attention to what were obvious concerns at the free trade deal that the European Union had concluded with China.

The European powers deeply distrusted and disliked President Donald Trump.

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